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3rd & 4th June 2017

Help Save Planet Earth

Approximately 4.54 billion years ago our beautiful Planet Earth was formed by air, water, land and life combining forces to create a constantly changing world that we still struggle to understand.

And yet despite the literal wonders of the world, humans are destroying our planet and everything on it at a rate unprecedented over TEN THOUSAND YEARS.

Here at The Natural Exhibition we are determined to do something about that, and we are always keen to support and promote eco-friendly and green businesses, products and services.

Read on to hear just some of our suggestions on how together we can help save our amazing Planet earth, and make sure to visit us on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017 at the Glasgow SECC to meet businesses who are making a real change in the natural, organic and vegan industries.


  • – a website we literally stumbled upon by chance, and yet something which makes so much sense we think it was fate we found it!
  • In a nutshell, Ecosia is a ‘green’ search engine, in that every time you use them to search online, the revenue generated from search ads (those you see at the top or along the sides of the results page) is used to plant new trees.
  • Since they started in 2009, Ecosia has planted over 4 million trees around the world, and have generated 2.5 million euros for forestry programmes.
  • Their most recent work is in Burkina Faso, in a bid to build a ‘Great Green Wall’ across Africa for increased social, environmental and economic prosperity.
  • When you make Ecosia your main search engine, there is a little ‘counter’ on the top main screen, which tells you how many trees you have helped plant (it takes 11 seconds on a search engine and 0.28 euros of ad revenue to plant a tree). We’re on over 2000!


  • Another new find for us, Ecotricity is Britain’s leading supplier of green energy.
  • They are unique in that they use customer’s energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy – what they call turning ‘Bills into Mills'(energy bills into windmills).
  • They are a not-for-dividents company, meaning all their profits go back into their mission.
  • We LOVE their vision: for a Green Britain – a place where we all live more sustainable lives, and where ethical business is the norm.

‘New Age’ Textiles/Materials:

  • You might have read recently about the American brewery that created 6 pack rings which are completely biodegradable; made from left over wheat and barley from the beer making process. We hope and believe that this is the way forward for many manufacturers: creating new environmentally friendly products from by products of the main process.
  • Pinatex – a natural and sustainable non-woven textile, made from pineapple leave fibres – and it looks EXACTLY like leather. Pinatex fibres are the by-product of pineapple production – and would normally be discarded and burned. This process creates additional income for pineapple farmers, whilst creating a vibrant new industry – and we can’t wait for it to become mainstream!
  • Bionic Yarn – and beyond! Hands up who knew Pharrell Williams had an eco-material company?! He does, and it’s called Bionic Yarn, they take discarded materials such as plastics, and turns them into durable yarn which can then be used for other purposes. In collaboration with Bionic Yarn, the dutch bran G-Star Raw are supporting Project Vortex, an initiative to turn ocean plastic into a new brand of denim clothes.
  • Toms: with every product you buy, Toms will help a person in need – one for one! For shoes, for every pair bought, a child in need will also receive a pair. Each eyewear purchase goes towards sight repair for a person in need, and every bag bought provides a safe birth for a mother and baby. It is a fantastic idea, and one we wish every organisation could do!

Sustainable (and easy!) home/every day life tips:

  • Take advantage of your local council recycling initiatives! Too many people we know don’t bother sorting out their ‘rubbish’ into the different coloured bins and putting them out on the allocated days. This is literally a door to door service – don’t let it go to waste (no pun intended!)
  • Gather unwanted paper (for example paper which has only been printed on one side) and pin together as a notepad – handy for next to your computer or phone for those urgent notes!
  • Avoid using hotel toiletries – decant and take your own from home. Using hotel toiletries means more plastic for the landfill.
  • Match your saucepan to the hob ring size! (Both gas and electric cookers). This means you are not paying as much to heat the air, and will help prolong the life of your saucepans.
  • Fit radiator reflector panels (or just good old tin foil!), to reflect heat back into the room, and help you achieve up to 20% reduction in heating bills!
  • Planes, trains and automobiles (or in this case, ships!). Try to avoid flying – or going on a cruise. A vast amount of energy is required to get a plane into the air, and cruise ships cause both water and air damage (in fact cruise liners are a big cause of acid rain). If possible, try to travel long distances by train.
  • Reuse coffee grounds and tea bags! As a nation of tea and coffee lovers, we dispose of astonishing amounts of product that can be reused. Coffee grounds and tea leaves can be used in the garden to help your plants, as they contain high levels of nutrients, and you can even use coffee grounds in your skincare regime, as an exfoliating face or body mask!

Examples of You Tubers/Bloggers to follow:

The suggestions above are only a tiny drop in the ocean and are in no way exhaustive – all you need to do is search online (on Ecosia, naturally) for eco-friendly living, and you can be inspired by literally MILLIONS of results!

Leave us a comment (or contact us on social media) if you have any suggestions for us, or give us an idea of the green life you lead!

October 28, 2016

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